Network Assessment

  • Current status and recommendations for better performance

PC and Server Assessments

  • Current configurations and upgrade recommendations

Server Installation and Maintenance

  • Setup new servers
  • Hardware optimization
  • Upgrades-software and hardware

Centrailze Data/File Sharing

  • Share data from one computer
  • Share files with other employees

Computer Upgrades/Maintenance

  • Memory
  • Disk Space
  • Application upgrades to newer versions

E-Mail Services

  • Internet hosted e-mail
  • On-Site MS Exchange Server
  • Remote acccessible e-mail

Custom data backup planning

  • Create a plan to suit your company's needs

Disaster Recovery

  • Hardware replacement
  • Restore data

Network Design and Migration

  • New network design
  • Network upgrades-Data migration
  • Moving to a new location
TECHSolvers can help you succeed by applying the right technology and expertise to your business requirements.  We invite you to discover our wide range of service and support offerings.


What you don't know could affect the success of your company.

As technologies change and expand, companies find it more and more difficult to keep their fing on the pulse of their operations.  TECHSolvers understands that many businesses are not aware that their operations are functioning below peak performance, let alone why.

TECHSolvers accesses technology systems within your company, then provides complete solutions, not just a short-time "fix" for a single problem.  Our professionals create a solid technical foundation to help companies operate and grow with confidence.